Opening Eyes On Query Performance

Over the past week, I've given 2 national webinars and an in-house presentation on query performance. In particular, how companies are completely in the dark as to how to manage this most important component of IT performance. The feedback I've received was incredible and so were some statistics.

For the over 1,000 folks I spoke to:

- 85% said they learned something

- 70% said query performance is not owned in their company

- 75% said query performance is handled "reactively", instead of "proactivley"

So, these statistcs say I'm spreading a message that is a new concept and that most people are clueless as to who owns query performance in their company. And even when query performance is addressed, it's in a reactive scenario (not proactive).

This is all good news, because that means one company at a time I'm going to keep opening eyes to the cold fact they are needlessly spending tens of millions of dollars (if not hundreds of millions) and leaving much more than that on the table in the form of lost revenue.

I think since I'm "matter of fact" with my delivery and hold no allegiance to a database, company or technology, this gives me the freedom to say exactly what's on my mind. After 22 years and 40 companies, I've had it with overpaid blow hards that cloak themselves as a consultant with fancy reports and leave you wondering post sales "what did I buy exactly?".

Companies needs to stop thinking that DBA's can handle query performance as a discipline. They simply don't have the time and about 50% of the DBA's I've ever met really aren't that interested in query performance.

Someone, somewhere long ago in an IT dept far far away thought it would be a good idea to have DBA's be responsible for query performance. This couldn't have been a bigger mistake. Once you separate this discipline into it's own team, with 100% focus on query performance the gains for the company are literally surreal.

Please give me your thoughts. I'm on a warpath and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I'm at


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