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DPOP (Database Performance Optimization Practice) is revolutionizing database and application efficiency with a proprietary methodology for optimizing performance by orders of magnitude.

This unique service is available for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and any other relational database.




qMenu for Oracle makes it simple to pull your SQL performance information and gather it for ease of analysis.



A DB2 mainframe utility JCL generator that gives you total control over utility job stream performance.


Transaction time cut by 95%!

Improved performance and reduced need for CPU and memory at the database tier!

DPOP helped establish selection of proper tools for monitoring databases!


The value of our services have been successful for over 130 companies for the past 28 years.

"I highly recommend the Performance Tuning services offered by DBG. What DBG offers is very unique and extremely valuable for any organization that cares about running their applications at a well optimized performance threshold."


We have a well decorated history of company-wide impact that includes establishing, mentoring, and managing database performance that service large customer bases for developed and purchased software. Our goal is to create a performance analysis organization with a service that customers will incorporate into their system development life cycle. It is cost effective and yields significant returns consistently. Some of our specialties include database performance optimization, end user experience optimization, hardware upgrade cost elimination/deferral, mentoring of solutions, and best practices related to optimal performance.


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