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 The value of this service has been successful for at least 130 companies and counting for the past 28 years. Check out just a few examples below!   


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"I have known and worked with Curt for 25 years. I met him when he was fresh out of school and working as a programmer. I was the DBA who supported Curt's group. His zest for knowledge was apparent from the beginning. He wanted to know everything I knew and he was bound and determined to learn it. It didn't take long for Curt to learn and eventually pass me up on the skills of performance tuning. Curt lives it and breathes it. Curt worked for me for quite awhile in the consulting business. His customers loved his ability to bring value to their organizations and save money on costly hardware upgrades. For the past four years, I have had the privilege to work side by side with Curt at Enterprise. Curt built a strong team utilizing the skills he learned over the years. I am convinced Curt and his team were able to save Enterprise millions of dollars on hardware upgrades. IBM has had a distinction for years known as gold consultants. In my mind, Curt is "the" gold consultant. From my experience and contacts through the years, Curt is in my "top 5" for folks in the database performance spectrum."

Rick Butler, Senior Manager Data Management at Enterprise Holdings

"I highly recommend the Performance Tuning services offered by DBG. What DBG offers is very unique and extremely valuable for any organization that cares about running their applications at a well optimized performance threshold. DBG has the unique ability to completely transform any sub-optimized business application/database and systematically apply skills to improve the performance - consistently. The cumulative return on investment of DBG's work will result in cost avoidance to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of dollars YOY in terms of expensive hardware and software cost avoidance. Do not confuse DBG's offer as just another "DBA-like" offer that are widely available in the marketplace. DBG's professionals are extremely courteous and fantastic team players."

Suda Suvarna, Deputy CIO-Managing Director-Technology, Deloitte

"Curt is a consummate professional, and has a very deep knowledge of database performance testing, tuning, and improvement. His skills and experience can be leveraged by any company that has a database application that is not performing well. His experience with large high transaction volume systems is extensive, and what makes his services worth talking to him about."

Clayton Groom, Data Warehouse & Analytics Consultant at Clayton Groom, LLC

"I have hired DBG to work with my teams at my last two organizations and they have done a terrific job. They are very efficient,  thorough in work, and does an outstanding job of both documenting and mentoring along the way as appropriate. The money that we saved in productivity and by not having to upgrade hardware were reason enough to hire them.  We had the added advantage of being able to provide our customers improved service and a higher level of satisfaction."

Robert Sanabria, CIO, Joyce Meyer Ministries

"Curt is the winning cadet in the Top Gun School of Performance work. In my 7 years in this space, there is no one more effective as well as articulate. He can share strategies on how to off set and even avoid overbuying hardware and software to solve performance problems."

Phil Collins, Strategic Account Sales at Symantec

"I worked with DBG for many years and highly recommend DBG as serious, intelligent professionals who know how to produce results. DBG's advanced knowledge of database design, system performance, and business make them the ideal candidate for a company seeking an expert who can bring tremendous value to an organization."

Bill G. Tingle, Chief Information Officer at PODS Enterprises, LLC

"DBG was responsible for the tuning of our major application used by over 40,000 users in our rental branches. DBG was instrumental in the evaluation of performance issues at the database layer and provided recommendations for improved SQL as well as Oracle configurations, which allowed us to both improve performance and reduce the need for CPU and memory at the database tier."

Carla Lambrecht, Assistant Vice President - Information Technology at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"I had the pleasure to work with DBG at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I was managing development of a strategic web application for our existing insurance customers. Our customers were used to the quick performance of it's legacy AS/400 green screen application. Their challenge was to find ways to optimize the DB access. With their guidance, thorough analysis, and attention to detail, the new web application was able to nearly match execution speed of the green screen application. DBG's high degree of professionalism, ownership, and sense of urgency made it easy for people to work with them."

Gary Kochan, Senior Manager at Enterprise Holdings Inc.

"I would like to say thank you for the support you were able to provide us on our Oracle and SQL platforms. We have seen great benefit from your services especially on the Oracle side where job run time for our EMS application was drastically reduced without the need to alter the application. Also, your flexibility with being able to work remotely was a great benefit for us. It not only helped to reduce cost, it also decreased response time and helped by resolving issues in a more timely manner."

Brian Fitch, Experienced Operations Manager in the Payment Card/EFT Industry

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