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We have a well decorated history of company-wide impact that includes establishing, mentoring, and managing database performance that service large customer bases for developed and purchased software. Our goal is to create a performance analysis organization with a service that customers will incorporate into their system development life cycle. It is cost effective and yields significant returns consistently. Some of our specialties include database performance optimization, end user experience optimization, hardware upgrade cost elimination/deferral, mentoring of solutions, and best practices related to optimal performance.

Curt Triplett
Founder and President 

With over 25 years of experience in database/application performance tuning, Curt has obtained notoriety for superior practices.  Considered by many executives to be one of the performance optimization thought leaders in the IT industry, Curt consistently demonstrates his differentiators.  What is the focus?  Query performance. Query performance is largely misunderstood by the IT industry.  Because of all the mis-information in the IT industry, he has developed a unique guarantee to prove the techniques currently being used can be improved with the DPOP approach.

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