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Are You In Control Of Your IT DNA?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

If you knew there was a way to control the outcome of the DNA in your own body, wouldn't you look into it? Why would your "IT DNA" be any different?

Your body’s DNA is what controls everything about each one of us. That DNA can have mutations in it when we are born, as well as encounter mutations and damage as we live, affecting our lives in many ways. We make our best efforts to control our well-being and overall health through things like diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, to name a few. However, there is still a network of ongoing communication and change happening on a genetic level that is for the most part, uncontrollable.

Think of your IT department in the exact same way. There are “IT DNA” mutations happening every day that may have a direct, immediate, volatile, and significant impact on the overall dollars you spend for IT related costs, the way your customers view your business and even the morale of your employees. The good news is that unlike your body's DNA, you can positively alter your IT DNA if you know where to focus.

Just like in biological DNA, there are many links in IT DNA; but there is one specific section of that IT DNA that is particularly damaging, yet overlooked, underestimated and generally misunderstood by IT professionals thus far. This isn't to say you don't have a bright and talented IT staff managing the typical components through their efforts related to the I/O subsystem, database, application, and network, etc. No, the structure in your “IT DNA” that I am referring to (that is so overlooked and misunderstood that even the database vendors have very little or nothing at all in their education curriculum about it) is called Query Performance.

If Query Performance is damaged (and I haven’t run into an instance when it isn’t), a myriad of problems that adversely affect your organization and your ability to maximize business potential will result. In my opinion, it's the best kept secret in all of IT processing.

Let's briefly un-twist this IT DNA structure, called Query Performance. Every application or process you have that interacts with a relational database utilizes "queries" to perform various functions, yet you likely don't have the right expertise on staff to control the outcome of their potential. But that lack of the right expertise is commonplace. Why? The IT industry has done a poor job of truly understanding and therefore addressing Query Performance. As such the industry has neglected to come up with an optimal remediation methodology. This has left those bright technicians on your staff to haphazardly learn on the job, read a book or article, possibly listen to a dignitary in a seminar or even blindly take the often-inaccurate advice of software products for an attempted or minor remediation. Because of this, you likely feel the pain in the form of high costs for unnecessary hardware, licensing, and un-optimized payroll, to name a few of the negative outcomes. And those are just the pieces we can quantify. What about all the revenue that is lost due to business perceptio

Some things for you to think about:

1. Are you curious if your level of financial returns (ROI) is being maximized? Maybe you are wondering about the level of your cloud costs for hardware or your maintenance costs for all the database/software licensing tied to CPU counts. Is your current IT DNA slashing these costs across the board?

2. Are you open to exploiting opportunities (competitive, innovative)? Maybe you are wondering if you have methodologies onboard that separate your business amongst the competition and make your current IT DNA cutting edge.

3. Are you concerned about elimination of risks and threats? Maybe you are wondering if your current IT DNA is immune to upgrades of databases/software, expansion and increasing business volume.

As an IT executive, you have a barrage of issues to deal with and will usually delegate the "technical" issues to someone on your team. One of the most technical and impactful issues isn’t even being addressed by the lion’s share of companies, much less contributing to the optimization of their organization overall. However, imagine for a moment that your IT position is similar to that of a Lead Medical Researcher. Wouldn’t it be exciting to bring forward a new medical discovery to everyone, that represents a true paradigm shift in outcomes?

Now is your time to find out more about how you can indeed take control of your IT DNA by thoroughly optimizing your Query Performance. This will allow you to (among other benefits) lower your overall costs and ultimately change your organization’s IT outcome by experiencing these benefits:

1. Slash costs on hardware

2. Slash costs on database/software licensing

3. Slash end user response times by 100x (or more).

For more information, feel free to reach out to me. I won't show up with a DNA Sequencer in hand or wearing a white coat, but will be happy to remedy the damage done by this generally misunderstood and overlooked mutation in your IT department that drastically impedes the unrealized potential of your IT department and your organization overall.

Curt Triplett

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